YooTALK Wireless MLM Review – Newly Launched Telecom Company Poised to Be Industry Leader


The highly anticipated official launch of YooTALK Wireless has now taken place. Customers actually have cell phones and their service is working marvelously. This is a huge step in the right direction for the wireless MLM industry. Many of the company’s competitors ( WOW Mobile, Global Verge-Buzzirk Wireless, PHP, Lightyear Wireless, etc.) are still waiting for their phones to be activated, jacked up phone prices, or in some cases haven’t received their phones at all. As promised, this company has improved upon others mismanagement and unfulfilled promises of service or products. I am predicting that YooTALK Wireless will separate itself from the pack and be a clear leader in the industry for many years to come.

According to Fox Business News the last business quarter was the first time that prepaid cell phone plans outpaced postpaid cell phone plans. The founders of YooTALK Wireless see this trend continuing and hope to gain a large chunk of the market share. I can’t imagine an easier product to share and profit from then something that everybody owns or uses on a daily basis. Wireless communications generate over $160 billion in revenues monthly in the United States alone. So if you have ever been in a network marketing company that promoted juices, pills, water filters or the plethora of other products you may want to look at this one under a new light.

YooTALK Wireless Products

YooTALK Wireless is committed to staying on top of new technology and products as they are released. The company currently has the popular Blackberry, iPhone, and the Droid. Of course there is not one product or service plan that fits everybody so there is a wide variety of choices for all walks of life. The company will have the same technology used by the major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon (in negotiations with Sprint). Pre-paid cellular phone subscribers will save an average of 30 to 60% compared to postpaid subscribers. This is good news for millions of people in a poor economy.

YooTALK Wireless Compensation Plan Reviewed

The basic structure of the compensation plan is a 3 x 10 matrix. There is some special and handsome in such as matching bonuses for five levels deep. There are also three monthly bonus pools that will allow you to override the success of the entire company. Also good in the compensation plan is a fast-track bonus for people that you personally enroll. The company also has a luxury car bonus as you get higher in the ranks. To reach the top level in the company you will have to personally enrolled 25 members, have a downline volume of 100 K, and have a few of your personal members climb some of the leadership ranks. To me, this is very achievable even for average people who have no experience in network marketing.

How Do You Get Involved?

There’s basically three ways to get involved in YooTALK Wireless:

1- Join as a simple subscriber and save an average of 30% to 60% off your phone bill

2- Join as an online store for a $50 dollar annual fee and $45 a month (sell plans, phones, and accessories for profit)

3- Join as a professional distributor for a $50 annual fee and $99 a month ( all the above, but you are able to also grow a network of distributors and take part in the compensation plan)

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