Will This Craziness, Ever End?: 3 Factors


Regardless of one’s political beliefs, affiliations, loyalties, and/ or, preferences, most people would probably agree, what we are currently witnessing, isn’t normal, in the short – term, and probably, harmful, in the longer – run! It seems, every morning, and at a variety of times, per day, especially during the evening, we learn about another episode, referred to, as, breaking news. Most of us, have never witnessed, so much, political polarization, and such an enormous gap, between citizens on different sides of the political spectrum! However, what seems, at least, somewhat, odd, is, these events, and disclosures, seem to change few minds. Those supporting President Donald Trump, seem to believe him, regardless of how often, they are presented, with reasons, why his veracity, might be questioned! His opponents continue to oppose his rhetoric, vitriol, apparent adversarial approach, and oppositional focus, on bringing us, back to the past, exemplified by his motto, Make America Great Again! The slogan, itself, seems to be, a type, of wearing, rose – colored glasses, and seeing the past, as better times! With this divide, when might this craziness end? Will there be a breaking – point? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what might, or might not, happen, and why.

1. Is there any limit? Although our Intelligence experts, proclaim, with certainty, Russia interfered with our 2016 elections, and is poised, to try to do so, again, President Trump, denies it, and claims to believe, Putin’s denials! After two years of investigating, the Mueller Report, was falsely summarized, before its release, by Attorney General Barr’s summary, and, few Americans ever read, any significant amount of it. Those supporting one perspective, believe the President’s, and the so – called. conservative media, declaration of there being no collusion, and total exoneration. The rest of the public seem to realize, at best, there was some wrong – doing, either, by deed, or by letting things, improperly happen! The recent, Ukraine scandal, again pits the two sides, at opposing poles, with the President and his allies, denying the worst aspects, and spinning/ skewing their rhetoric, claiming, the behavior was normal! However, since, the Constitution claims, it is illegal to accept any assistance from a foreign entity, something wrong, seems to have happened. What must happen, before people, stop believing, everything is, simply a coincidence, and a plot against Trump?

2. Political aspects/ pressures: Our Congress appears to be split, along party lines. Shouldn’t this be, about protecting the future of our nation, instead of politics? To date, it appears, little of consequence, will occur, because, nearly all the Republican members of Congress, seem to, either be fearful of the individual, and/ or, how it might affect their personal, political future!

3. Public opinion: Public opinion seems to be changing, at least, somewhat! Those favoring impeachment, according to recent polls, now exceed, those opposing, where, only a few weeks ago, that was not the case! Only if public opinion, significantly, and clearly indicates, the American people, have had enough, and believe, we deserve better, the craziness will continue, at least, until/ if, changes occur, because of the results of the 2020 elections. This means, not only for President, but if the Democrats maintain control of the House of Representatives, and gain control of the Senate.

The potential ramifications, of permitting this behavior, to become the norm, would be severe, and, might change, the nature of the nation! Wake up, America, and say, Enough!


Source by Richard Brody

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