What’s Wrong With Government, By, Social Media?: 4 Challenges


Never before, in recent memory, have we witnessed, any political leader, consistently, seemed, to rule and articulate his programs, ideas, and/ or, solutions, using Social Media! Whether one supports, or opposes, the current occupant of the White House, all must agree, the constant use of Twitter, to proclaim, nearly every aspect of his governing (which, others, in the past, have done, using more conventional platforms), creates a circus – like, atmosphere, and, often, significant confusion, etc! President Donald Trump has used Social Media, to attack political opponents, call others names, attack the conventional news media, make domestic announcements, and proclamations, regarding foreign policy, etc. With that behavior, and path, in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 potential, significant challenges, thrust in the path, of anyone proceeding, in this manner.

1. Twitter’s 140 characters: Have you, ever, either sent, or received a text, where one party, or the others, misinterpreted the text? Mr. Trump’s, vehicle of choice, has the limitation/ restriction, of communicating, using 140 characters, or less. It should be obvious, the potential issues, and obstacles, that might present, and why, when a public official, attempts to communicate, using it, there are considerable risks! When the President, spends many nights, sending numerous tweets, the media often fixates on it, without, usually, being completely certain, precisely, what it indicates. Although he may enjoy this confusion, etc, and it may, even, be part of his Master Plan, is it really, the best way, to communicate with the public, foreign leaders, etc?

2. May be impulsive, rather than fully considered, evaluated, vetted: When Trump goes on a so – called, Tweet – storm, how can we be certain, his proclamations, are policy – oriented, and focused on viable solutions, well – considered, etc? This individual has often, seemed impulsive/ compulsive, etc, and doesn’t that create a potential danger, to the long – term interests of the nation, and the well – being of the world? Since important policy decisions, often demand, a process, including thorough examination, priorities, contingencies, and understanding potential ramifications, when a leader, makes widespread proclamations, seemingly, impulsively, in the middle, of the night, what could possibly go wrong?

3. May be misinterpreted? How often, has President Trump, seemingly, made some statement, one day, and a contradictory one, the next? Consider, the potential risks, involved, when a President’s words are misinterpreted, etc! What might be, the potential ramifications, of this behavior, and manner of communicating?

4. How it seems/ appears: What do foreign leaders, think, when they observe, this unusual behavior, from America’s leaders? Is this, simply, his way of being transparent, and directly communicating with the public, or, is it naive, and/ or, some sort of diversion, and political strategy? Either way, who really profits from this, as opposed to its short – comings?

Wake up, America, and demand, more clarity, integrity, and quality, well – considered, planning and viable solution, from your political leaders! If you don’t, you can expect, even more use of this, in the future, and the potential loss, of any attempt to create effective, meaningful, relevant leadership!


Source by Richard Brody

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