What Not to Expect From RSS


The world due to the internet wants everything now and this is what RSS supplies. When a news story is published it goes out on an RSS feed so it can be read immediately. RSS is a format that syndicates information or any type of content across the net. When a person subscribes to a feed, they receive the news as soon as it is published or the feed is updated. No waiting for the evening news. They can even have the feed go directly to their iPhones so they never have to wait on news that is important to them whether it is sports, local news, political, or just the latest gadget on the market.

RSS can be delivered via email; however, it should not replace email. Remember, RSS will only provide a title and a short blurb about the article. This comes in handy for delivering up to date and current news and even sales, however, emails offer more.

Many webmasters instead of asking their readers to sign up to the newsletter are now offering RSS feed subscriptions. Visitors prefer to sign up for subscriptions that only want an email address. With RSS feeds, you only have to push a button and you are subscribed. They never have to fill out forms or answer other questions, which makes it perfect for those that want to get the news without the hassles.

Remember, you can use RSS to communicate with your readers, but this should not be your only form of communication. The good news is that RSS feeds are sent to email addresses that often place newsletters in the spam box. Along with this, you can communicate all your news via the feed without the cost of maintaining a list or other issues that arise from email lists. RSS feeds are automatic and you do not have to do anything. Just write the post and the feed will do the rest and even send out to your subscribers.

You may send out information to your readers via the feed however, you need to keep your blog up to date as well. If you are using software on your desktop to publish RSS, you should ensure your blog offers fresh content. When a reader is interested in your feed, they will click a link to visit your website. If your website does not have any information pertaining to the feed, they will soon unsubscribe from your feed and you will be losing valuable traffic.


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