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How to make a web page

Ok, this is just an article to get you started in the web design business. Here are a couple things you should know.

  • Do Keyword Research

    Ok, so my guess is you didn’t think this was something important. But the truth is with the internet growing everyday, you cant expect to make a web page and then all of a sudden get a thousand visitors a day.

    Go to Google and type in the keyword you would like people to find your page through. For example search for “Funny videos”. So in Google i type this in and it says 29,800,000 results were found. This is a big problem, this means if you wanted to do well with this keyword you would have to compete with that many pages. So really you shouldn’t start designing your page for the keyword funny videos. You should optimize your site for a keyword with less competition, just to to off with, then when your traffic grows you can start to optimize for the bigger key words.

    So, for example instead of optimizing for funny videos, try “Interesting vids”, 562,000 competitors, however the number one page inst really related to it anyway. So you shouldn’t have any problem getting on the top pages of the search engines for that keyword.

  • Design your webpage

    OK so this is the fun part, once you’ve got the keywords you would like to optimize for you should start designing your page.

    Position of keywords

    Make sure you put your keyword in the title of your page, the first and last sentance of your content, and then sprinkle the keyword through out the rest of your page naturally, dont try write the keyword, just let it come out when it needs to. Search engines see how relative your site is to the keyword.

  • Promote your site

    This is the hardest part, to get visitors to your site you need to get your site out there in the search engines and everywhere. Here are some things you should do:

    • Add your site to digg
    • Write an ezine article on a topic related to your site
    • Submit your site to the search engines
    • Tell your friends about your page
    • To rank well in th search engines you need BACKLINKS – i.e other pages linking to yours. So the above will help, but also ask other webmasters if they will link to your site etc etc.

OK this is just a start to designing your web page, hopefully it will point out some important things.

Good luck, Nick


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