Tips For Office Printers


An office printer is one of the most expensive pieces of office equipment most business owners or office managers must buy. Given the size of the investment, it is important to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. Do not just buy the printer with the largest number of functions if many will not be used. In the same vein, it is unwise to buy the cheapest model available, as replacement and upkeep costs may make it ultimately more expensive than its higher priced counterparts.

One of the first decisions to make, and one that can have a huge impact on cost, is whether you need a black and white or a color printer. Color printers tend to be significantly more expensive both in initial investment as well as long term costs such as replacement ink. If the bulk of in office printing comes in the form of text documents and memos, opting for a black and white printer may be the best choice.

When considering optional add-on functions, think realistically about the manner in which a printer will be used. If multipage documents are rarely printed, a collating function may not be necessary. If your office fax machine is well-used and getting on in years, consider buying a printer with a built in fax.

Many assume that when it comes to printers, the faster the better. While this is certainly the case for printers and copiers that must handle a high volume of print jobs, this speed will come at a cost. If little printing in-office printing is done, it may make sense to opt for a slower printer at a lower cost. However, if the printer is meant to be shared amongst many employees, a high page per minute rate is necessary.

Whichever printer you choose, do cost comparisons among retailers to ensure you are getting the most for your money.


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