Timmy: The Adventure Starts In London


Qualified as a Medical Technologist, Neil Medina started writing Timmy in 2003. He also studied tailoring and photography as additional hobbies. Timmy’s adventurous character is reflected in Medina’s real life when, as a student nurse, he ventured to go to the United Kingdom. Three-years later, he qualified as a Psychiatric nurse.

His nursing career gave him the stability to travel around the country while learning the culture and traditions of his new found home. Unrestrained, he further his educational qualifications by studying Social Work and eventually qualified in 1982. In time, he settled in London where he devoted his time to his first passion, tailoring.

Neil Medina became a successful Fashion Designer amongst the Filipino community in the UK. During his free time, he dedicatedly wrote Timmy: The Adventures of the Alarm Clock Boy which is a collection of his personal experiences while living and working in the UK. His real life experiences, while general it may be, played an important role in the adventures of Timmy.

His creative imagination which is often reflected in his unique fashion designs is likewise mirrored in the way Timmy was written. Taking into consideration the level of comprehension of the reader, Timmy is written in an “as is” perspective. It brings to life the various English traditions and cultures. Moreover, it also gives the reader a child-like insight in relation to the bigger adult world as experienced by most of us.

The book which is descriptively titled, “Timmy: The Adventures of the Alarm Clock Boy,” is Medina’s take on the English way of life from a Filipino perspective. Prior to finally getting published, he had to juggle between work-commitments, fashion designing, poetry writing and the cultivation of the book’s characters and adventures.

In the final print, the book is a creative presentation of ideas, cultures and traditions representing the English and its proud heritage of being Great Britain. It encourages the reader to ask questions and learn more about the various ideas presented. It goes beyond the common fairy-tale and once upon a time ending and pushes the reader to broaden his perspective of why and what makes Britain great.

Most of the adventures presented in Timmy, are adventures that most of us have personally encountered and experienced at one time of the other.

Presenting a completely unique point-of-view, Neil Medina’s adventure with Timmy will soon be made accessible to us in the book entitled “Timmy: The Adventures of the Alarm Clock Boy”. During its early reviews, the book has been described as encouraging, inquisitive, and superbly written. The book will soon be available at most leading bookstores and online. The official launching of the book will be held on October 24 at the Philippine Embassy in London as part of the Philippine-British Friendship Day celebration. Everyone is invited.


Source by Michael Duque

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