The Rush 30 Minute Workout Routine


We all have busy lives which might make us think we don’t have enough time to take at least an hour off our day to do exercise. Many Gyms and clubs try spreading their business now days with their new service called their “express programs”, in which is targeted at helping you save your time. As soon as you set foot in the gym they will try to take 15 minutes of your time, and give you an accurate, custom-fit exercise routine that will whip you back in shape in just that little time you have.

The rush exercise workout routine was invented by the Curves International chain of women’s health clubs. What it involves is a 30 minute rush regimen in which you come in and move from one exercise machine to the next to give yourself a well-rounded workout in no time. The national fitness chains 24 hour fitness, Xpress Zone, and Town Sports International thought of the express 22 minute workout program and pretty soon everyone else caught on. This idea has become so successful that even yoga has caught up with the 30 minutes exercises. You will be offered short sessions that will focus on certain parts of your body that need to be trained if they feel your not getting your money’s worth in an all-around program in that time.

This workout routine has become very popular because of the reason that people would rather spend as less time in the gym as possible. These quick sessions were not just made for the busy executive, but for those who just don’t like to exercise and wouldn’t mind doing something if they were promised to get what they want in little time. For those who have never exercised a day in their life this would be the best way to start off slowly.

Would it surprise you to hear the express workout exercise idea was born back in the 90’s? This idea was not popular back then, but it’s promise to go from machine to the next in 30 minutes has become well known. We all need at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and this idea is perfect to have a reasonable level of health.

Gym owners have expected that the hour long session is on its way out and the express workout routine and exercise will only be called that for a few more years. The next thing you know all their will be is the 20 or 30 minutes exercise sessions to help you get in shape in no time.


Source by Jose R Perez

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