Real, Or Fake News ?: How To Tell The Difference?


Regardless of one's political views and perspectives, most would agree, the present, President, proceeds, far differently, than those who served before him. Perhaps, not since America's Civil War, have we witnessed, such a polarized nation, where so few politicians, appear willing to compromise, and seek a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good! Besides the substantive differences in policy and approaches, as well as affected, there seem to be major gaps, between which facts, individuals, on both sides of the spectrum, seem to believe and accept! Repeating something, over, and over, again, doesn't make it true. Neither does denying it! President Trump has often attacked the bulk of the media (those who disagree with him), often proclaiming, their messages are little more than Fake News, going as far as articulating, the investigation into Russian involvement, in the 2016 US Presidential election, was , a Witch Hunt ! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, a few examples, of the challenge, to differentiate between real, and fake news, and how to know, with any degree of confidence, the difference .

1. Trump's Fake News, versus the media's fake news: Unlike previous President's, who received most of their information, which they based decisions on, from professional Intelligence officers, we have been repeatedly informed, President Donald Trump, prefers watching a particular network, in order to garner his information. He often proclaims, the media, is, the enemy of the people, and, intentionally, or not, encourages and enables, some of his core supporters and followers, to attack, verbally and, unfortunately, at times, physically, reporters, and certain institutions. Our determination of facts, should, and must be, based on looking at the raw data, etc, rather than anyone's interpretation! By doing that, we exponentially expand, our ability to know, the true facts, as opposed to the spin . Every time, there is any sort of negative report about this President, he calls it Fake News, such as the Russian interference, ethical and legal questions, immigration improprieties, etc. However, we should also demand, the main media, not only fact – check others, but apply those same requirements, on themselves.

2. Mueller Investigation: Throughout the past 2 years, Mr. Trump has referred to the Mueller Investigation, as a Witch Hunt. He has appeared, to create an atmosphere, where his core supporters, would overlook any negative findings, and believe, his version, of the facts! If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck! While Trump has claimed he has been exonerated by the report, no one, except those in the Attorney General's office, have seen it. After AG Barr, presented a four page summary (although Barr stated it was a summary, but just, a preliminary memo), after only 2 days, he stated it, he believed, there was no evidence of misdeeds, by any member of the administration, which required criminal follow – up. It is interesting, while it took him, only two days, to exonerate (although the report, even the summary, Barr gave, specifically stated, it neither did, or did not exonerate the President and his allies), what is believed to be a 300 plus, page report, but, states he'll need, at least 3 weeks, before he can release the entire report (less redactions). Whether the report will support the accusers, or the President's version, won't be known, until / unless, we see the entire document. However, is there any wonder, there is so much mistrust, when there appears to be an attempt, to restrict access? Wouldn't it seem, an innocent person, would want the report released, in order to prove his innocence?

3. Are the facts consistent ?: Political fact – checkers claim, President Trump, has made major misstatements, an average of approximately, 10 times per day, since he assumed office. When Trump repeats the same lies, repeatedly, despite the videotapes, proving otherwise, it becomes challenging, to accept, the President's version of facts, at other times! Telling the truth, must be consistent, or one isn't ethical, or proceeding with genuine integrity!

You won't change certain people minds, regardless of facts, because they want the facts to support their opinions! You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own set of facts!


Source by Richard Brody

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