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There are many team sports in the world, but the more popular ones in descending order are soccer, cricket, basketball, baseball, rugby union and then field hockey. When you think of these you are naturally drawn to a male oriented participation within all of these sports.

Over the last 10-20 years female participation has increased within these usually male dominated sports. There are now professional bodies accepting that women have a right to play these sports as much as their male counterparts. With the likes of FIFA running the women’s game alongside the mens game as one solitary organisation.

When you think of netball you naturally think of it being a female sport, there are a minority of male teams and nations that play but these are few and far between. This is a ball sport played by two teams of seven players. It began during the 1890s in the UK and was formed from the early version of basketball predominantly for participation by women.

During the 1960s the game became standardised and the INF-International Netball Federation was formed. Within the UK the game is associated to England Netball formerly the All English Netball Association. There are over 92,000 affiliated members and over a million females put on their teams uniform to play every week.

Fairly recently netball has become a popular spectator sport, there has been a modernisation of the game and many teams now have names such as ‘Manchester Thunder’ and ‘Scottish Sirens, with a very smart matching team uniform worn by the players. These teams are watched regularly by an ever growing amount and diversity of supporters every week.

There are 4 main leagues across the UK which teams can get promoted and relegated from. These leagues consist of teams from Scotland all the way to London. At the current time within the UK, players do not get paid a salary to play the sport, however further afield in Australia the top women players in the national league do get paid.

Team apparel or uniforms are an important part of any teams look, some of the most iconic kits in the world are probably football kits, the famous Brazilian yellow and blue or the famous red kit of the England 1966 world cup winning team. Many teams kits consist of team colours and badge. The kits that are worn are almost tribal, they associate the team, the players and supporters as one.

As a sports club the best ideas to find a new kit for the up and coming season is to look online. There are now online companies that offer you the chance to not only chose from a stock range of cuts, designs and colours but also allow you to design your own kit.

Sublimated uniforms are the next big thing within netball. Within the Australian professional league these type of kits are the latest trend. The normal kit design would be a certain colour added to the front and back of the kit.

Sublimated uniforms use state of the art techniques to create a design where the only limits are your imagination. This type of process can incorporate a virtually limitless option of design and colour in which the teams logo or crest can be include in the design.

Even on the high tech fabrics like mesh and lycra of today’s uniforms the design can be transferred to using this type of technique. So do not begin the new season with a kit that does not give you the desire to go out on the court or pitch to play. Make sure you chose or design one that you feel a pride to play in.


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