Cricket Uniforms: Designed & Fabricated in Amazing Shades


The word cricket came from the French word ‘criquet’ and was called ‘creckett’ in England. It is a game played between 2 teams of 11 players each. A bat and a red leather ball are used in playing cricket. 2 batsmen come for opening and there are 10 fielders and 1 bowler in the opposite team. Number of over depends upon the type of match, like we have 20 over in the T20 world cup and 50 overs in a one-day match. The team with batting has to give a score to the opposite team as a target to win the game. Decisions are made by the umpire.

Test cricket is known to be the longest form of cricket. The match is played between two teams of 11 players each. It’s a four-innings match, which is often played for five days. It is considered to be the complete examination of the playing ability and endurance of a team. The time of intervals may be altered in some of the situations like bad weather. A break is taken immediately in such situations which might increase the time of the test match.

Cricket equipment and clothing is controlled by the laws of cricket and are produced by test cricket uniforms suppliers. Polo shirts are commonly used by the teams. They may be long sleeve or short sleeve according to the players’ requirement. The basic clothing and equipment includes shirt, trouser, jumper vest, L-guard, jockstrap, helmet or cricket cap, spiked shoes, leg pads, thigh/arm guards, gloves and sunglasses. Batsman always wear a helmet to provide protection to head, however, it’s not mandatory to wear a helmet when the bowler is spinner.

The uniform worn by the cricket players are is also called as cricket whites. It consists of a trouser, shirt, jumper and jockstrap. It can be short or long sleeve according to the player’s requirement. Cricket uniform manufacturers make the uniforms with light weight breathable fabric in order to provide a comfort zone while playing in field. Polyester fabric is used widely for making these uniforms. Jerseys can be of sublimated design or plain white.

There are numerous cricket uniform manufacturers who are offering their products. They provide genuine material fabric and designs that meet your style. You can order any type of apparel related to cricket and at a very affordable price. An improved game play will be observed by you when you will start wearing the genuine cricket uniforms.


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