Cheap Laptops On Sale – Deciding On A New Laptop Computer


If you are tired of being tied down to a desk when you want to work or play on your computer, or are ready for a laptop that is even more portable than the one you have, maybe it's time to start looking for cheap laptops on sale . This article can help you do that by pointing out some of the benefits of lower cost laptops versus more expensive models.

Expensive large versions of laptops may not seem so portable after awhile. A smaller one that costs a lot less can give you that feeling of true portability. Don't be fooled into thinking that because you can find a variety of cheap laptops on sale, that they can't do everything you need it to do. Here are some things you should know before making a purchase.


It is true that cheaper laptops may have limited memory, especially compared to desktops or higher priced portables. Low memory can affect the performance of a computer so this is not an area where you want to pinch pennies. If you buy a computer that comes with Windows Vista, be sure that it has at least 2GB of memory. However, if your laptop is going to be used mostly for Internet access and email rather than running complicated applications, you'll be fine with Windows XP and, therefore, less memory, like 1GB.


Graphics can be an important aspect for people who are avid gamers and most cheap laptops on sale don't have the dedicated graphics chips required to make gaming the experience it should be. Most will come with affordable integrated graphics that work great for basic things like running Microsoft Office tools, email, and puttering around on the Internet. If this is how you will use your laptop, then the standard graphics in the lower priced models will be plenty. Some budget laptops come with lower-end dedicated chips that might make a casual gamer happy.


Many cheap laptops on sale are equipped with processors like Intel's Core Duo or Core 2 Duo. These are actually better processors than those that came in some older model laptops and they give you longer battery life, stronger performance, and they run cooler. Opting for lower clock speeds can save you money when shopping for cheap laptops on sale.

Other Options and Brands to Look For

Cheap laptops on sale come in a variety of sizes, weights, and colors. Just because you are looking for a bargain, doesn't mean you can't find reliable brand names for a laptop. Check out and you can find well-known names like Gateway and Toshiba that both have a variety of lower-cost models. No need to shy away from names you don't know like Acer and ASUS. Read the customer reviews and you'll discover that they offer everything that the other brands do.


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