Award Options For Basketball Teams


Rewarding your team for their outstanding daily efforts, both in practice and during games, does not need to stop with a generic trophy handed identically to each player as he or she shuffles across the school stage. This year give out awards that teammates will be proud to display, whether medals, trophies, or plaques.

Here are some ideas for personalized awards:

Most Valuable Player

Rebound King/Queen

Most Points Scored

Sportsmanship. This is often more important than skill come game day.

Best Team Player. This award is different from the MVP because it’s not necessarily the best player on the team as far as stats, but the one character that drives your team to perform best under pressure.

Unsung Hero. There are many players who may not be #1 or #2 or even #5, but who’s personalities and actions really push the team forward. Honor them.

Most Assists

Best Defensive Player

Coaches Award. Too rarely do coaches go unrecognized for their hard work. While they take care of practices, training, and awards for players, you can thank them for it all.

Give your best performers, motivators, and hardest workers medals, plaques or trophies for their additions to the team. The best way to see who’s doing what? Watch all players closely during drill practice, and keep track of who is playing not only best but also hardest come game day. Trophies aren’t just for the winning players or the winning team, but for each person that helped to make a difference.


Source by Geoff James

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