Are Your Politicians Making You Sick?


Many of us complain about corruption, bad government policy, lack of money, fraud, dishonesty, etc. We all want to live in a better world but we only talk about the mistakes of others and we are almost always into blame. The politicians are liars, the vendors are thieves, the doctors are incompetent, and the church is manipulative. But who are all these people? The answer is quite obvious, yet easy to miss: they are you and me! The world’s governments consist of individual people (just like you and me), and they are elected by individual people (just like you and me). Wars are also created by individual people (just like you and me). Politics is created by people (guess what – you and me again!). And the news too is created by people (yes, these people too are you and me). In short, society is nothing but the collective sum of individual people – same people who never stop complaining of the society they are part of.

Now, how can you change the society? You can’t! You can only change yourself and then a miracle will happen – you will see a changed society! You know what they say – change starts from within. The cause-and-effect link is bottom-up, not top-down. When each individual changes, governments will change, the news will change, diseases will change… everything will change to reflect the individual changes, whatever they are.

To summarize so far, next time you want to complain, stop. You are not contributing with anything positive by complaining. In fact, you are only making things worse. If you want to be productive (for yourself and for the good of the society collectively), review your own activities. Are you impeccable in everything? Honest, paying taxes diligently, performing your duties by the letter, never breaching any rules, never exceeding the speed limits, never uttering a single lie, always being on time, and always being your word? If you are not (and I bet you are not!), then work on those things and leave the government alone. Lead by example. When everybody assumes personal responsibility and start living life with utmost integrity, the world will suddenly change. But a changed world is only possible when each individual stops trying to change the world and changes themselves instead.

To see better, it is not necessary to climb on top of someone else’s shoulders. It is enough to stand upright!


Source by Vyara Bridgeman

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