Are We Really Independent?


Yesterday we all must have celebrated our nations 63rd Independence Day. But do you think we are really independent? Sometime I feel like, no-one really cares about our nation Independence, we all have forgotten the bravery and sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

Do you think I am wrong, if so then why there is so much of corruptions and inhumanity in the society? We do not have respect for human life. We have only respect for money and we are ready to do any dam shit thing to get this money.

Every one is corrupt, you can’t trust any one. No one really cares about Indian prestige, that’s why CWG (common wealth games) are becoming wealth game for politicians. It’s a public wealth which is being commonly looted by our nation’s politician.

We have world’s richest people in our country, but still there are lacks of people living at Rs.20 per day consumption or less. Prices of daily ingredient are rising like any thing, but the incomes of middle class are still the same. We don’t have foodgrains in market but we have tonnes of foodgrains found rotten in government godowns.

So are we celebrating this milestone? Let me tell you what Indians have understood from the word independence. We have independence of taking bribe, we have freedom to break all rules, we have freedom to sell all sub standard products, we have independence of destroying public property and we have freedom of killing and looting people. For sixty hours nearly the pak. Terrorists hold the Mumbai to ransom, farmers commit suicide and extremist kill the innocents. And, those who are said to be the leaders of our country to whom we have the faith in them that they lead well our country, throw benches and chairs even chapals at one another. This is what we have achieved in last 63 years.

There is so much of corruption in India that common men are getting addicted to it. There is hardly any area left which is not being effect by corruption.

So what kind of Independence we are celebrating, I laughed yesterday when I saw public celebrating independence day, I just thought that once again in the year the time has come when calm and casual patriot sleeping in us wakes up to celebrate the day of Independence.


Source by Yogesh Pandey

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