A List of the Most Expensive Bras in the World


Designer bras are really expensive. Even those which are sold through retailers and network marketing sales groups such as Triumph bras are still a bit pricey. For example, lingerie designed by Belgian designer Carine Gilson cost more than $2,000 which includes a nightie, bra, and panty. You may think that sports bra need not be expensive but there is a Trenta bra that costs at least $1,800 because it includes a sterling charm bracelet that is detachable and a diamond as well as Swarovski crystal neckline. These two examples; however, are not the most expensive bras in the world.

At $5.0 million, Martin Katz created a fully jeweled bra that is designed to enhance the cleavage of a woman. It surely costs that much since it has 3,575 black diamonds, with more than 110 one carat white diamonds, and nearly three dozen rubies. Still, this is not yet the most expensive though.

The next most expensive does not include Tyra Banks even if it is valued at $10 million. It has high cost valuation since it features 2,900 diamonds in 10 carat white gold. The centerpiece features a perfect pear shaped 70 carats diamond. It was presented during a fashion held by that famous female secret brand name and was designed by Monawad, a jeweler. He created another expensive bra which is also valued at least $10 million. It took more than 300 working hours to complete the set that features more than a thousand rubies and over one thousand five hundred emerald leaves.

The same item also offers 1,300 precious gems which include 300 karats of Thai rubies set in red satin. As the most expensive bra from Victoria’s Secret, its appearance was made secret until it was unveiled in a fashion show along with 200 pieces which was modeled by Gisele Bundchen. Yet, at this price, it is only a runner-up when it comes to the most expensive bras in the world.

The honor of being the most expensive bra in the world belongs to Susan Rosen. What makes this bra truly amazing and expensive is that it is not made of cloth but it used platinum as the dominant material. The whole bikini was created with 150 karats of diamonds that included a 51 carat diamond, a pair of round cut diamond that is measured at 15 carats, and a 30 carat emerald patterned diamond.

These are masterful pieces and would be a welcome addition in your closet that might already be full of Triumph bras. However, it is really preposterous to wear it, much more show it off to your friends. Bras are supposed to help prevent breasts from sagging or avoid health and medical complications like cancer (supposedly). Owning one of the most expensive bras might not only harm your breast but your whole life as well.

The urge to seduce by wearing sexy bras might be overshadowed with the intention to rob you of your expensive bra loaded with precious stones. But no one can prevent creative people from designing more expensive bras to show off their talents in designing bras. We might just appreciate it as well.


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