2017 Silver Jewelry Latest Trends, Unique on Its Own


Silver jewelry in 2017 trends have embracing everything big, audacious and bold. The jewelry pieces mark major fashion and even the other accessories accompanying it include eccentric headbands, oversized bags and sun hats. The jewelry pieces present a good dose of eccentricity and weirdness in association with accessory staples.

Silver jewelry loads on massive pieces of jewelry as killer statement and this includes earrings to belts and giant pendants in the neck chains. Choker lovers can have extensive choices featuring brand new styles. This includes elegant sophisticated chokers to choking numbers. These may be any design out of the way or some colossal pendants, in fact, the silvery jewelry latest trends focus to be stranger as better.

2017 Jewelry Trends

  • Chokers are now in the jewelry trends for a long time and these are regarded as seductive pieces of silver jewelry that jazz up outfits. The chokers can be worn with any dress in leather, silk or cotton. In fact, even neck covering dresses look good when chokers are added and are the best trend suitable to any wearer.
  • Jewelry trends of 2017 focus on non-identical earrings. The idea of the latest trend is to let go of balanced and symmetric looks thereby opening up the charm of asymmetry. The non-identical earring fashion is a contribution of some leading designers who were delighted to please the masses and kept it balanced with colors or details. These are non-identical, but massive earrings that go matching with dangles. It is really hard to miss such a fashion of earrings. The non-identical earring pairs also come in combination with classic counterparts.
  • The single earring look has caught up with the 2017 silver jewelry trend. This is a time-honored trend in jewelry and they are not hassle-free. These resonate with garment pieces, yet when you wear one single earring, there is a need to go that extra mile so that you combine a single stud with a cuff and cover the ear entirely.
  • The pendants in silver are also bizarre, gigantic and different. There are hand-shaped large pendants to metallic chunky medallions offering a rebellious feeling. It looks appropriate on teaming it with biker leather jackets and also the silver pendants infused with slight Indian touch gives a vintage feel. The pendants can be fitted with some giant raw stone such that it is hanging from the chunky chains down.
  • Upper Arm Bracelets have made way into the 2017 silver jewelry trend as the latest fashion. It reveals Asian aesthetics and offers a new look that it looks good even on bare arms. These are unique jewelry pieces in silver that is setting a trend such that it can be even in gold and can be worn on either of the arms or even on a shirt. Adding to this the multiple bracelets in the upper arm looks alluring on gowns, but ensure you resonate perfectly with some one-shouldered dress featuring an upper arm snake bracelet, it gives an exceptional turn to jewelry trend.


Source by Karen K Williams

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